behind the biz

Meet Curated & Company

Jessica Davis opened the doors of Curated & Co. in 2018. She was  (and still is!) passionate about sourcing carefully curated antique and vintage finds and getting them into the hands of her clients. As a self-proclaimed color lover, Jessica continues to hunt for pieces that will speak to the true personalities of her customers and inject a pop of timeless fun into their space. Whether it’s a gorgeous blue and white vessel, a set of antique rose medallion plates, or a killer pair of vintage foo dogs- incorporating antique pieces into her designs remains a priority in all of her work. 

In 2019, Curated & Co. expanded to deliver timeless and chic decorating services at a reasonable price point.  Our team offers a new perspective on traditional small-scale interior design. We believe in establishing strong connections with our clients to help their home tell their story with both style & function. We know that color is transformative and nothing excites us more than a space which fully embraces the old and the new. We love the challenge of creating a curated and reimagined vibe with your existing and newly sourced pieces to maximize your budget and help your home's functionality coexist with your modern lifestyle. 

Work With Us

Curated & Co. has been helping clients to elevate their spaces since 2018. Our vast array of services are sure to meet your needs and budget. Whether your goals consist of completely redecorating a room from the ground up or refreshing a specific space in your home with existing pieces, we will work with your style and budget to take the guesswork out of decorating.